What makes us unique?

Our Commitment! Submission Spin Club is committed to our community, our mission, our cause, our partners, our staff and most importantly, YOU and your experience with us! We are creating a revolutionary and exciting environment that will forever change your view on traditional, boring atmospheres to date. This is something you will need to experience to believe. Are you tired of listening to the same old boring music? Well, we are too! Submission clubs will have live, in house DJ’s spinning the music for the classes to ensure heart thumping, energy flowing excitement and the best quality music. Regular paint on the walls? Not a chance at Submission clubs! Our clubs are wall to wall, ceiling to floor covered in graffiti, just like a NYC subway tunnel. You will never have a dull moment trying to figure out all the hidden messages on our walls. Bright fluorescent lights? Really?! Your eyes won't be sore here. We have dimmed lighting with red, orange and yellow tubes lights back lighting the bikes. Submission Spin Club is bringing the energy and excitement from LA and NYC to BC.  

Our Mission! Submission Spin Clubs mission is to help in the fight against childhood obesity! 

Our Cause! Submission Spin Clubs cause is to raise awareness and educate our neighbors, children, families, school districts and whoever else will listen to the growing numbers and devastation that childhood obesity is causing. We are committed in leading our parents of today in providing healthy lifestyles for our children and our children's children, promoting long term physical, emotional and mental health. Raising awareness of the actual damage our society is teaching our children and youth. The lack of daily physical actively and the increase of screen time, teaching our families the difference between actual healthy eating and what is perceived as healthy eating. Childhood obesity is everybody's concern and we need to come together as a community to combat this fight. 

Our Staff! Submission Spin Club is committed in high quality, work-life balance and incentive based work environments. For more information on careers at Submission Spin Club, please visit our Join our Team page.

Our Short Term Goal! The Submission company is dedicated to offering industry leading clubs that you want to go back to and talk with your social network. We will continue to raise the bar and create a new industry standard for all private and public clubs.


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Why join our team? First of all, we are a team and always will be! We want to create careers at Submission Spin Club, not jobs. We want people who live and breathe health and fitness as their lifestyle and believe these people should be well compensated. We are tired of seeing people who are passionate about fitness, yet are unable to pursue a career within the fitness industry, due the inability to provide a good enough financial lifestyle. We are strong supporters of work-life balance, we have a life outside of work and respect that you do too. We are bringing financial stability and flexibility together! How are we going to do that? Submission Spin Club offers a unique pay structure, quarterly targeted bonuses and career targeted travel opportunities. Submission Spin Club will be offering subsidies for continued education to ensure our team is the best and stays the best. We are in this for the long haul and we want to support your future with us. 


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Community involvement

Active SproutsSubmission Spin Club proudly supports The Active Sprouts Foundation and their efforts to help combat childhood obesity. Submission Spin Club is committed to working with The Active Sprouts Foundation by bringing awareness to children, educating them on proper healthy eating habits and living an active lifestyle. By targeting children through their own personal connections with food and eating habits, we hope to reshape the way children view the intake they give their bodies and motivate them to fuel their bodies with healthy nutritious foods, gearing them towards a healthy, active lifestyle. Currently, The Active Sprouts Foundation is working on establishing a partnership with local schools in Langley, targeting children through early education. They are teaming up with other organizations to offer a full curriculum, which will provide students with a theoretical base knowledge. Students will then apply what they have learned into practical application by growing their own plant based foods. Submission Spin Club will be donating 1% of your monthly fees to The Active Sprouts Foundation. When you support Submission Spin Club for the improvement of your own health, you are also providing opportunities for today’s children to live healthier, stronger lifestyles.

Terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions are not only to protect us but they are also there to protect you. Your health and safety is just as important to us as our own. This is why we ask you to fill out questionnaires such as the PAR-Q, so that we know how to be able to assist you in the way you need. Anyone who is embarking on a fitness routine, regardless of experience, should consult their doctor before they start. What's the worst they can tell you, you're healthy?




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#20 20631 Fraser Highway, Langley, B.C.

Ph: (604) 427-0452

Email: info@submissionspinclub.com